10 Competencies for the Next Generation of Aviation Instructors 2014


On May 26th, 2014, the 20 students of the “First International Advanced Course for the Next Generation of Aviation Instructors (NGAI)”, working in teams, arrived by consensus to the following competencies that should possess this professional, updated for 2014:

1. Able to communicate effectively.

2. Able to plan all the media, methodologies and instruction materials.

3. Charismatic person, practicing empathy.

4. Creative and capable of generating appropriate learning environments.

5. Ethical person, which always reflects his/her professional and personal integrity.

6. He/she encourages the transfer of knowledge and skills.

7. Researcher and innovator.

8. Refreshes and optimizes their competencies on a permanent basis.

9. Manages and correctly applies information and communication technologies (TIC).

10. Capable of exercising the transformative leadership to motivate and inspire his/her students.

The trainers who participated in this work were the following: Humberto Patricio Caicedo Lara and Luis Alejandro Zambrano Cisneros, both instructors of the Civil Aviation Technical School in Quito, Ecuador; Mrs. Maria Regina Valiente Gaona, Academic Director of the Instituto Nacional de Aviación Civil – INAC – Paraguay; Mrs. María Estela de Armas Carmenate and Mrs. Sonia Ferrer Alvarado, Professor and Principal Instructor at the Corporation of the Cuban Air Force; Mr. Fredy Pimentel Enciso, Manager of SMS/Instruction of SOLAR CHARGE C. A. , Caracas, Venezuela.

In addition, Mario Medina Ríos and Fernando Bastidas Quispe, from CAIMM S. R. L. ; Mr. Jorge Luis Rosado Leon, Meteorologist of Telecommunications and Meteorology S.A. C ; Messrs. Luis Enrique Montoya Espinoza and Victor Chávez Castillo, Aeronautical Firefighters from Lima Airport Partners (LAP ); Messrs. Sady Beaumont Valdez and José Mondragón Hernández, Air Navigation Inspectors at the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC) – Perú; and Messrs. Rodolfo Cárdenas Vicerrel, Jorge Garcia Villalobos, Jorge Girón Higinio, Luis Alberto Leon Mackay, Manuel Malaga Rojas, Leonardo Orejuela Barreda and Jorge Palma Gonzales, Instructors at CORPAC S.A.

Our commitment is to update these skills each time this important course is delivered, with the purpose to update and consolidate the teaching skills of the participants, so that they are able to provide efficient and effective training to the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP).


For reflection:

“It is excellent to win the 100 meters race but it is much better to win the 110 hurdles,  because we get it despite the obstacles”

William Aranda


Acerca de William Aranda Arrese

A highly experienced Training Expert with strong organizational skills, excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills, in addition to strong commitment to excellence.
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