The “Lima” Approach


During the “First International Advanced Course for the Next Generation of Aviation Instructors (NGAI)” held in Lima, Peru, from May 26th to 30th, 2014 it was established as the mastery test a 15 minutes presentation, performed in teams of four people, that was evaluated with the “LIMA Approach”.

This approach means that each team was challenged to demonstrate that their model class, besides the basic instruction techniques, was able to transmit four relevant aspects of any class addressed to the New Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP): Leadership, Innovation, (Total) Motivation and (Positive) Attitude, which are formed with the first letters of the name of the Peruvian city capital.

To achieve this challenge, they should also have to apply, during all the process of the class planning, a high dose of Creativity (we emphasized it as “The Fifth Element”, using the name of the same name movie) to appropriately design and deliver what was requested by the Instructor. At the end of the presentation the teams received feedback from the main instructor, their colleagues and they also mentioned their own evaluation, according to a previously established rubric for this purpose.

It was very good to verify that all five presentations achieved with excellence what was requested, even when it was the first time that these instructors were asked to comply with this type of performance, which is always difficult when you have developed some teaching habits that are quite different from these new ones.

In conclusion, it was an excellent academic experience and we all finished very sure that all the Instructors that participated in this first course have the required competencies to adapt their teaching styles to the learning styles of the Generation Y and Millennial young people. So, they are ready to deliver course which will be motivating, participative, creative and amusing, as to maintain the world of aviation passion alive in our civil aviation training centers.

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Acerca de William Aranda Arrese

A highly experienced Training Expert with strong organizational skills, excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills, in addition to strong commitment to excellence.
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2 respuestas a The “Lima” Approach

  1. It was certainly a challenge, you have fifteen minutes to develop a topic, having to have Presentation, Body and feedback, but more importantly and what continually our Instructor William introduced us is to keep students absorbed in the development of the exhibition, if it was a wonderful experience, really instruction has begun a new period, with more technological tools and most importantly always thinking in students, thanks for all that I learned, and especially for the opportunity to have met both professionally .
    Luis Enrique Montoya


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